Some early morning postmodern bullshit…(lol)

Thoughts Out of Season

I ran across this photo and quote from Pablo Picasso that someone posted on FaceBook, and it reminded me of how postmodern mysticism manifests within the photography world:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up," - Pablo Picasso

This is John Free style postmodern mystical woo-woo. John tells people that they all have a "little Henri Cartier-Bresson deep down inside. The only difference between Henri Cartier-Bresson and you, is that he worked harder."

That's what John tells people. While this might stroke the egos of those with mediocre talents, and it may help sell photo workshops, it's still woo-woo postmodern mysticism. People are NOT equal, nor do they have the same talents. If everyone were an artist, then nobody would be an artist - being an artist would have no meaning.

 postmodern leftist philosophy

Like I've said many times before, all of this secular mysticism comes from postmodern leftist philosophy. Many people HATE me because I call people like John out, and I tell the truth - Truth = most people suck at art, and they always will... That's why excellence and beauty are so special, they're NOT common...

Yet in the foggy world of a postmodernist, every child gets a gold star, every Jack gets his Jill, and turkeys fly about ready roasted... 

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