Thoughts Out Of Season

The Last Man: You Can See It In Our “Art”¬†

Share This: The Last Man: You Can See It In Our “Art” 

What Memorial Day Means to Me

Share This: What Memorial Day means to me My grandfather, Charles Ross Jines entered life eternal at 9:40 PM, Fathers Day, June 19, 2005. He was born to Charles Sr. and Lillian Jines on January 21, 1916. During the Great Depression, Charles was forced to leave formal education to work in the Chicago stock yards […]

An Awesome Day…

Share This: What an awesome day. I took Bertha down to Corona where I worked my ass off taking the old house apart. A good friend stopped to help, and we had a few good laughs about how fucked up the world is today. My wife brought the truck when she got off work, and […]

Good morning #NewMexico!

Share This: In the coolness of the desert morning my love she calls to me, awake! awake! awake! my love, for the day is ours to see!

4:05 AM… The desert is glowing bright…

Share This: 4:05 AM… The desert is glowing bright as day in response to Moonlight’s loving gaze, as the dry grasses rattle in rhythmic rhyme, dancing in a sort of wild celebration of the early morning air.

The Moon Is So Bright… 3:33 AM

Share This: The moon is so bright this morning, I could pound nails in the dark without striking a finger. I just fired-up the old wood stove to help dispel the chill from the early morning desert¬†air. It’s an old coal potbelly stove, the kind they used to use on train cars and railway stations […]

A gentle rain…

Share This: A gentle rain patters across the matted grass, as the black of night’s darkness gives way to the Dawning of the day.

5:22 am… Into the open arms of the World…

Share This: 5:22 am… I leave now the place of my birth, the home of my youth, and throw myself into the open arms of the World…