Getting ready for New Orleans!

I’m looking forward to seeing Jonnie Two Time down in New Orleans. I have street photography workshops over the Halloween weekend, but I’m leaving early so I can take my time traveling.

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New Orleans Halloween Street Photography Workshops, 2016

New Orleans Halloween Street Photography Workshops, 2016 New Orleans Photo Adventures & Photography Workshops Traditional Street & Documentary Photography Workshops – Candid, Unscripted, and Spontaneous! Halloween Weekend French Quarter Workshops – Photographing People, Places, and […]

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Sandia Mountains

I spent part of the day exploring the Sandia Mountains here in New Mexico. I’m excited by the wonderful photographic opportunities that await!

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You never know what you’ll find in the walls of an old house…

Off-Grid Living Update My friend Paul, at 72 years old, jumped up on the roof yesterday and took off almost all the tin! I hope I’m in half as good of shape when I’m 72. […]

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Basic Hand Tools for Off Grid Living

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Off-Grid Living Update: Reusing Building Materials

Things have come to a standstill on our off-grid living project due to money issues, so I took on the job of taking apart this old house in exchange for all the lumber. I hate […]

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Photo of myself…

My wife sent me this shot that she took this past summer.

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Photographing Horses In New Mexico

I have a group of horses that roam free on the land that surrounds my property here in New Mexico. I love this horse most of all. She is extremely friendly and affectionate. She is also […]

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Playing around with daytime off-camera flash

I’ve been experimenting with off-camera flash in some of my still life landscape work. There is a whole world located on the desert floor that I’m wanting to capture juxtaposed with the New Mexico landscape. Here’s […]

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