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Heroin Kills

When we walked onto the Green Line platform to return downtown, I noticed a man and woman in the vacant lot below. The girl was on the ground unconscious, while her boyfriend stood over her crying. That’s when I noticed that this was the same girl that one of my street photography students had just giving a […]

Against Doctor’s Orders: Heroin Addiction – Fighting The Demon

“How you feeling?” asked the doctor. “I’m fuckin’ hurtin’- I’m dope sick, I ache all over, and you people come in here at 5:00 in the fucking morning poking me all over the place, why can’t I get more methadone?” Shaggy growled in response. I was taken aback by how harshly Shaggy spoke to the nurses […]

Against Doctor’s Orders: Heroin Addiction – Back to the Hospital

I was speaking with Teddy in Talkers’ Park when I noticed Shaggy approaching in the distance. He was over an hour late for our appointment, but at least he had showed up. I promised Shaggy the day before that I would go with him to the hospital while he was being readmitted for treatment. Shaggy developed […]

Against Doctor’s Orders: Heroin Addiction – Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?

I was leading a street photography workshop when Mandrell, one of the heroin addicts that I’ve photographed, spotted me on the corner of State and Madison. “Hey Chuck, how are you? I haven’t seen you in a while” Mandrell said as she introduced me to her boyfriend. “Have you seen Shaggy lately?” I asked. “Yeah, […]

A Day In The Life of a Social Documentary Photographer: Audio Notes for February 6, 2015

One essential piece of equipment for doing social documentary work is a good audio recorder for taking notes, and for conducting interviews. When working long-term projects it becomes impossible to remember everything that happens. The following is an inside view of my audio notes for February 6, 2015.

Heroin Prevention Project

You were a good man, Greg. I’m grateful that you were in my life. We talked about this day, about life, about death – about the struggle for meaning and purpose. You were a true talent, and a good soul. I will miss you.

John Lee, 1-31-2015

John Lee preparing his heroin rig in an abandoned East Garfield Park home.

West Side Chicago Heroin House

Abandoned houses often serve as shelter for people suffering with drug addiction. This is a popular house where several people live, and where many addicts come to inject heroin throughout the day after they purchase the drug in the surrounding neighborhood.