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Heroin Kills

Share This: When we walked onto the Green Line platform to return downtown, I noticed a man and woman in the vacant lot below. The girl was on the ground unconscious, while her boyfriend stood over her crying. That’s when I noticed that this was the same girl that one of my street photography students had just […]

Against Doctor’s Orders: Heroin Addiction – Fighting The Demon

Share This: “How you feeling?” asked the doctor. “I’m fuckin’ hurtin’- I’m dope sick, I ache all over, and you people come in here at 5:00 in the fucking morning poking me all over the place, why can’t I get more methadone?” Shaggy growled in response. I was taken aback by how harshly Shaggy spoke to […]

Against Doctor’s Orders: Heroin Addiction – Back to the Hospital

Share This: I was speaking with Teddy in Talkers’ Park when I noticed Shaggy approaching in the distance. He was over an hour late for our appointment, but at least he had showed up. I promised Shaggy the day before that I would go with him to the hospital while he was being readmitted for […]

Against Doctor’s Orders: Heroin Addiction – Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?

Share This: I was leading a street photography workshop when Mandrell, one of the heroin addicts that I’ve photographed, spotted me on the corner of State and Madison. “Hey Chuck, how are you? I haven’t seen you in a while” Mandrell said as she introduced me to her boyfriend. “Have you seen Shaggy lately?” I […]

A Day In The Life of a Social Documentary Photographer: Audio Notes for February 6, 2015

Share This: One essential piece of equipment for doing social documentary work is a good audio recorder for taking notes, and for conducting interviews. When working long-term projects it becomes impossible to remember everything that happens. The following is an inside view of my audio notes for February 6, 2015.

Heroin Prevention Project

Share This: You were a good man, Greg. I’m grateful that you were in my life. We talked about this day, about life, about death – about the struggle for meaning and purpose. You were a true talent, and a good soul. I will miss you.

John Lee, 1-31-2015

Share This: John Lee preparing his heroin rig in an abandoned East Garfield Park home.

West Side Chicago Heroin House

Share This: Abandoned houses often serve as shelter for people suffering with drug addiction. This is a popular house where several people live, and where many addicts come to inject heroin throughout the day after they purchase the drug in the surrounding neighborhood.