Good news for film photographers with a new old SLR!

Reflex aims to Kickstart film photography with a new old SLR

I'm surprised it has taken this long for a camera company to make a new film camera.

Mating digital photography with film seems to me an alluring yet ultimately quixotic endeavor; who doesn’t love the idea of a camera that combines the weight and handling of a 35mm SLR with the convenience and precision of a digital one? Yet it has never been done, and likely never will be. Reflex is the latest to try, though, with a brand new 35mm camera built for the modern, smartphone-toting photographer. https://techcrunch...

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  • And there is a camera that natively shoots film AND digital, through interchangeable backs: the PONF Multiback Open Camera.
    PONF is a reflex with M42 lens mount and short flange distance, digital and film backs.
    The digital back has full-frame (or APS-C) Sony sensors and is a fully functional computer based on a Linux OS.
    The film back uses 35mm.