Aidan Ellison, age 20, heroin addict

So young...

I read "The Hustle," from the first issue of Gravis to him, that section where I describe how addicts put on their sad faces while panhandling, and then once they get around the corner, they're all smiles. "Wow, man, you sure got our number down!" said Aidan when I had finished reading.

Aidan Ellison, age 20, heroin addict -1

Awesome book. Aleister Crowley Diary of a Drug Fiend - Much better than William Burroughs book, Junkie.

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    Aidan got a job, an apartment with a friend, and to all appearances, he was securing a future. Nevertheless, his lifeless body was found this morning. Heartbreaking. Cruel. Unnecessarily. Maddening. Tears, rage and a fervent hope that he is at peace.