That Zombie Addiction

That zombie addiction is in my head
Often they come a callin’ as I lie in my bed

Late at night, the warm sweat flows
Eyes wide open as the evening glows

One by one their faces come
I try to look away, but there’s nowhere to run

Ma’ mas voice I hear a crying as she screeches through the night
She reaches for her son, the light of her life

But cold and stiff he’s lying
Underpass and bathroom drain

But cold and stiff he’s lying
Soul free of scorn and pain

Heroin addiction hurts everyone involved; the addicts, parents, friends and family. After two years documenting the destructive power of heroin addiction, the emotional impact started to have an effect. Several of the addicts that I photographed became more than just photo subjects, they became friends. Several of those people eventually died from their addictions, leaving an empty space in my heart, and their images forever etched into my memory. Their zombie addiction still lives within my head…

the Music: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). I have permission from the creator of this music to use this music in my video. Cover version of “Zombie” by Eywa


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