Still shooting film in 2017

Still shooting film in 2017

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  • Maxim Muir

    I wonder if you had a monochrome sensor (Leica Monochrome) and used filters to control the density of the sky if it would give a result that would be acceptable to you? Monochrome sensors do/would have an advantage both in tonal range and possible gradation variation.. I wish a more affordable digital black and white sensor would appear on the market, it would still be expensive because of limited sales to a niche audience, but should be doable (say $1800.00-$3000 instead of the Leica’s $7000). I would not care if it were a crop format camera-I would take one in a Rebel or D5000 styled body. Make it have a panchromatic color responsiveness to match FP5+-not too soft, not too contrast y to give you lots of post processing flexibility. Get out your Number 11.15,and 25 filters again and have a ball!

    • Nope. Digital is digital, and film is film. They will always look different.