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This is an awesome documentary that captures Appalachian culture. This line cracked me up:

"We didn't even know that we was poor until the government came along and told us we were."

Photography News Review 11-20-2017

Good Monday morning my fellow photogs! Here is the Photography News Review for 11-20-2017

I’m Not Good at Street Photography… I’m Just Not Scared

Today I used Lightroom Mobile to capture images on the street for the first time. I recently remembered that you can sync images from Lightroom Mobile right to the Lightroom desktop application. This was huge for me as I’m tired of syncing via Airdrop. It takes forever to select which images you want to import.

Anyway, when syncing the images I noticed each one took about 10-20 seconds — quite long, but worth it considering the images were RAW. This also gave me a little bit of time to inspect each image. I had nothing else to do so I looked over them one by one as they dropped in. I didn’t make any changes and simply evaluated them based on quality. https://petapixel...

Photography's Contemporary Era Has Come To An End

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Photography is at the heart of our visual worldwide culture. So why are the major online fine art sites, as well as the international photography fairs and galleries, so over populated with 20 to 50 year-old images that may be collectible, but are no longer truly contemporary. http://markets...

The Disappearing New York City of Todd Webb's Photographs

Todd Webb’s New York didn’t disappear all at once. It’s impossible for me to look at these pictures and not think of my arrival in New York from the Midwest as a young man in the late 1960s, when much of the city Webb had photographed two decades earlier was still present. The subway cost twenty cents, and there were still cushioned seats and porcelain-covered handholds for the straphangers (a word I first encountered in print and pronounced as “straffindger” until it provoked giggles from a colleague). The Third Avenue El had come down several years earlier, but many of the Irish bars and small-scale retail and service shops that had grown like mosses in the shadows of its tracks were still present. Chinese food was still Cantonese (the chop suey parlor would have been right at home in 1960s New York). On West Forty-Third Street, in the building that had housed the offices of the New Yorker for more than three decades, I found — and cherished — a small shop called Music Masters, which sold hard-to-find classical albums, including many of its own manufacture that were available nowhere else. Every block, it seemed, had a store like that, and it was impossible for a newcomer not the embrace the old city that, for me, still exists in black-and-white memory. It was swiftly receding, but its grip was — and is — strong. http://time...

In High School Darkrooms, Shedding Light on a Vintage Craft

Sudani Ausby, a junior at the High School of Fashion Industries in Chelsea, squinted as she emerged from the darkroom holding a freshly printed 8-by-10 photograph.

She had used a decades-old Pentax film camera with a 35-millimeter lens to shoot the photograph. But the borders on the glossy black-and-white print were out of proportion, again.

“It rarely comes out the way you want it to,” said Ms. Ausby, 16, as she peered at the photograph, still wet from the chemicals used to make the print. “But when it does, it’s satisfying.”

As younger generations embrace vintage things — like vinyl records and early gaming consoles — more students have become interested in old-school photography, increasing the demand for analog photography classes in high schools across Manhattan. https://www.nytimes...

Box 25, New Mexico 

There is no shortage of abandoned towns here in New Mexico

Box 25, New Mexico #filmphotography

Photography News Review 11-17-2017

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, depending on where you are in time and space! Here's the latest in photography news from around the web.

News Photography That Steps Back From Grief and Crime Scenes

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in Katy, Tex. Most folks were just getting back from church and returning to their new normal of assessing and rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey devastated their neighborhoods. I had been there on assignment less than 24 hours, following up with some families for a long-term story on the recovery, when a friend in Houston sent me a text. “Todd, mass shooting near San Antonio. It’s 2.5 hours away.” Then news alerts started coming in, followed by a call from the National desk. The next hour was a scramble to find out more information while driving back to my hotel to pack and check out. Just days before, I had covered the truck attack in Lower Manhattan that had killed eight. https://www.nytimes... 

Masters of Landscape Photography: new book showcases the best in the art form

Anybody who has tried to capture the beauty of a natural scene in front of them knows how difficult it can be. That’s why many of us continue to be blown away by the skill and innovation shown by the very best landscape photographers.

Masters of Landscape Photography is published by Ammonite Press and is a stunning collection of work by some of the leading lights in the genre. It features incredible shots of landscapes as diverse as China, Germany, New Zealand and Chile. https://www.lonelyplanet...

7 Product Photography Tips for Subtle & Effective Product Placement

A picture says a thousand words, but it can also generate thousands of dollars for brands. Such is the case for photo advertisements that are able to thoughtfully market products and services while effectively delivering the brand’s message to the consumer.

Companies and brands spend a fortune on their marketing efforts, including marketing teams and other creative professionals who can help them create effective photo advertisements. Of course, that includes artists and photographers who work hard doubly in coming up with unique and strategic ads that will attract buyers and consumers. https://www.adorama...

Make a DIY Automated Turntable for Product Photography

Here’s a 2-minute tutorial overview from Circuito that will show you how to make your own automated turntable for photography. With the ability to start, stop, and trigger the camera all by itself, this turntable is great for people looking for a streamlined product photo workflow.

The turntable allows you to set the number of angles you want captured of the item on the turntable, and then it will rotate and pause to take an image at each point (the build uses an infrared LED trigger for Canon cameras, but you can rework it for Nikon). https://petapixel...

Aerial Pictures Reveal a Wild Arctic Wonderland

Wild and bracingly beautiful, the Arctic captured photographer Florian Ledoux’s heart at age ten. “The scale of the landscape and the incredible species that live there draw me to the Arctic. I was deeply touched when I took my first journey above the Arctic Circle and that feeling continues to intensify as I explore further,” says Ledoux. https://www.nationalgeographic...

Photography News 11-16-2017

Good morning photogs! Hope all is well in your world. Here's some of the photography news from around the web:

How Pete Souza Fits Into the Storied History of Presidential Photography

In his new book, the former White House photographer frames a clear picture of the Obama years

On Pete Souza’s Instagram, it’s almost as if Barack Obama is still president. The former chief official White House photographer, who shot up to 1,000 pictures a day over the eight years of the Obama administration, has plenty of material to share. Since January 20, he’s been going through his seemingly endless stream of images, satiating his nostalgic audience of 1.6 million followers—and sometimes offering a sly contrast with the optics of the current administration.

Souza selected more than 300 photographs for his new book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait (Little, Brown and Company), released this month. It’s a comprehensive look, starting with the moments before the 2009 inauguration, as President Obama reflects in the mirror before heading out to the stage, to his departure following Trump’s inaugural morning, as Obama gazes down at the White House through his helicopter window. In the foreword, the former president admits “I probably spent more time with Pete Souza than with anybody other than my family.” Souza, whose book tour is selling out from Los Angeles to London, will be speaking at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on November 20. https://www.smithsonianmag...

What to Give: Books on Photography

The best books to give the photography lover in your life.
Lee Friedlander’s “The American Monument” (Eakins Press Foundation, 182 pages, $150) is a gorgeous book, reprinted in the same gorgeous 12-by-17-inch format as the first edition of 1976. Mr. Friedlander, then in his early 40s, selected 213 pictures from the... https://www.wsj...

Patrick Nagatani, Photographer Famous for Collages, Dies at 72

Patrick Nagatani, a Japanese-American who was born just days after an atomic bomb obliterated Hiroshima, his family’s hometown, and who devoted his photographic career to evoking the nuclear legacy of the adopted nation that interned his parents during World War II, died on Oct. 27 at his home in Albuquerque. He was 72. https://www.nytimes...

Pixelz raises $7 million for outsourced photography post-production

PIxelz, a Danish provider of post-production photographic software and services, has raised $7 million to build out its business in Europe.
The six year-old company started as a post production workshop, but has developed a new suite of tools to manage image retouching for small businesses.
“At its core, Pixelz is a Photoshop assembly line,” says co-founder Thomas Kragelund in a statement. “Breaking retouching down into component steps allows specialists and automated processes to edit images extremely consistently, cost-effectively, and quickly. Pixelz makes retouching an on-demand service—one click returns edited images in 3 hours or less.” https://techcrunch...

The History of Photography is a History of Shattered Glass

It has only been a few weeks, but I can already feel the events in Las Vegas slipping away from me. The horror that unfolded there is indelible: A single shooter killed at least 58 people and injured hundreds more. And yet the horror is not indelible; it is fading, as most public tragedies eventually do. (You might even have wondered, reading the above, Which events in Las Vegas?) Since Oct. 1, there has been a terrorist attack in New York City, a mass shooting in Texas and other gun violence throughout the country, as well as numerous distressing public scandals. What trace of these events remains for those of us not personally affected by them? Names, dates, photographs, videos: all retrievable, but most archived away in a cloud of faint memory. https://www.nytimes...

New David Yarrow wildlife photography exhibit

David Yarrow wildlife photography exhibit open in River North

CHICAGO (WLS) -- David Yarrow is a wildlife photographer who's acclaimed around the world for his artistry and conservation efforts.

He's also something of a celebrity who's romanced actress Elizabeth Hurley and is close friends with the young royals.

Yarrow's "Wild Encounters" exhibit just opened in River North at the Hilton Asmus Contemporary Gallery. Each creature is achingly resplendent and stately.

The photographer felt lost in a previous career of finance. In nature, he found his calling, and success.

"It just hit me more in terms of a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. The idea of taking a picture someone's willing to spend $60,000 on is kind of far-fetched idea particularly when I started selling pictures I would sell them for $20," Yarrow said. "Animals are much easier to work with than people, animals are very predictable, they're lazy and animals can't get drunk. My most dangerous moments are with people that can get drunk, can get high and get AK 47's." http://abc7chicago...


The Life and Photography of Joseph Kohl

Slices of Baltimore life from photographer Joseph Kohl at Historical Society

Baltimore has never lacked for attention from photographers. The best go far beyond chronicling the urbanscape to capture the people — unknown and familiar, ordinary and quirky, safe and risky — who give the city its character. That’s what Joseph Kohl did throughout a productive, all too short career.

The Maryland Historical Society’s vibrant exhibit “Unscripted Moments: The Life and Photography of Joseph Kohl” brings together more than 70 mostly black-and-white images that reveal his keen eye. http://www.baltimoresun...

Good news for film photographers with a new old SLR!

Reflex aims to Kickstart film photography with a new old SLR

I'm surprised it has taken this long for a camera company to make a new film camera.

Mating digital photography with film seems to me an alluring yet ultimately quixotic endeavor; who doesn’t love the idea of a camera that combines the weight and handling of a 35mm SLR with the convenience and precision of a digital one? Yet it has never been done, and likely never will be. Reflex is the latest to try, though, with a brand new 35mm camera built for the modern, smartphone-toting photographer. https://techcrunch...