NO War With Syria!

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BREAKING: U.S. Military Hits Targets in Syria

The more potent the pictures, the less you question the evidence. I have serious doubts as to whether Assad ordered a chemical attack on a civilian population. Executing a chemical attack in no way serves his interests. Why turn the world against you when you're winning? This doesn't make any sense. I wish Trump wouldn't have listened to the Neocons... 

Black Sabbath ~ War Pigs

Oh, how soon we forget!

We did NOT elect you, President Trump, to get involved with a civil war between two of our enemies. Mr. Trump, you have fallen prey to the neoconservative agenda. How did we go from "America First," to enacting the Obama/Clinton/Neo-con foreign policy? PLEASE Mr. President, let's get back on tract: Jobs, trade, border, immigration, and infrastructure. Fuck the Middle East

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