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Grit Street Photo Critique – Episode 3

Online Street and Documentary Photography Workshop

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Street Photography Equipment Choices

This is part of my Online Street Photography Workshop -

The world today is overwhelmingly filled with choices, and in the world of camera gear, the choices can become paralyzing. In this video I cover some of the general themes to keep in mind when deciding on camera gear, as well as the pros and cons between some of the most basic decisions:

  • Film or Digital?
  • Rangefinder or SLR?
  • Crop or Full Digital Sensor?
  • Prime or Zoom Lenses?

Video Length: 26:47:28

What camera and lens do you use for street photography, social documentary, or photojournalism?

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Fuji x100s Shortcomings – Why Can’t They Just Make a Fucking Camera that Works?

Review of the Fuji x100s Shortcomings

x100s shortcoming: Of all the reviews that I consumed before purchasing the Fuji x100s, not one of them said a word about the insane drag time between shots when using the optical viewfinder in auto focus mode.

Why can't someone just make a fucking camera that works right? It's like EVERY camera has some fucked up bug. It must be intentional in order to keep people buying more shit... I'm gathering a pile of digital cameras that just don't work smooth. At $500.00 to $1000.00 a pop, this isn't a game that I'm wanting to play for very long.

I have image review off, and there is a lag, No excuse for a lag on a camera that is being billed as THE camera for street, journal, and doc photography.

The problem? One: Manufactures intentionally constructing products with major glitches so you have to buy more shit. Two: People who are NOT street, journal, or doc photographers making review videos.

There is just no reason for this, the technology has been employed for some time now. I seriously think the manufactures do this so you have to buy more shit. I just wish people doing reviews would mention these things so I'm not surprised later, after I dumped a bunch of money. I could have ordered 100s of rolls of film for my Nikon F4.

I notice that a great deal of the "street photography" within the portfolios of the big names making review videos, primarily consist of shots of people walking past some sort of background. This is NOT serious street photography at all. If that's the kind of photography one does, then this camera is perfect. If you do more serious work, don't pawn your DSLR just yet.


The fastest way to shoot with the Fuji x100s is by setting the focus to manual, while using the electronic rather then the optical viewfinder. While this is a huge power-drain on an already short lived battery life, the camera does seem to respond somewhat better in manual focus. However, the electronic viewfinder on the Fuji x100s isn't nearly as realistic or as clean as a DSLR like the Sony a77.

Is the DSLR dead, Or is Zack Arias is full of shit? Fuji X100s vs 1971 Nikon F2

Is the DSLR dead? Zack Arias claims that the DSLR is dead. Keep in mind that Zack is a studio portrait photographer, NOT a street photographer, and he is CLUELESS when it comes to journalism and documentary photography. The Fuji x100s in NO WAY replaces a DSLR. The Fuji x100s is a toy compared to a DSLR. I'm regretting that I bought the x100s.

Designed for Consumerism: The Fuji X100s

Zack Arisis Camera Reviews- Fraud, Lack of Disclosure, and FTC Guidelines

I see people have been calling Zack Arias on his failure to disclose his relationship with Fuji. From what I see, I think he may actually be in violation of FTC law. Arias also has multiple videos where he explicitly states that he is NOT getting paid by Fuji.

Also see - What the revised FTC guidelines mean to brands & bloggers

Adding depth to a photograph using composition and geometry

In this short video series I go over some of the basics of adding depth to a photograph using composition and geometry.

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New Orleans Street Photography Tips: “Building” A Photograph

Hello Grit Street members! I'm down in New Orleans shooting some street photograph and leading street photography workshops. In this video I walk down Canal Street while going over some of the aspects involved in building a photograph using composition, geometry, and light. The world is a huge and complex place, and it can seem overwhelming impossible finding an image among such complexity. Much like building a house, you have to start with a solid foundation in which to start building a photograph.

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How to overcome the ‘fear factor’ in street photography

During one of my Grit Street Photo Critique videos I mentioned the "fear factor" that you see in many images. Fear factor is that huge gap of dead space that you see in images, where the subject is often just too far away. This is also the number one issue people raise during my street photography workshops.

One solution: Spend more time trying to layer images with multiple elements, and less time trying to capture a single subject from super close.

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