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How to overcome the ‘fear factor’ in street photography

During one of my Grit Street Photo Critique videos I mentioned the "fear factor" that you see in many images. Fear factor is that huge gap of dead space that you see in images, where the subject is often just too far away. This is also the number one issue people raise during my street photography workshops.

One solution: Spend more time trying to layer images with multiple elements, and less time trying to capture a single subject from super close.

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Awesome Nikon Prime Lens Collection for Under $1000.00!

Dealing With Backlighting in Social Documentary Photography

Getting the most out of your matboard material

I like getting the most bang for my buck. I even save the centers from my matboards to reuse for other photographs.

Print Names for “Heroin: A Love/Hate Relationship” Opening April 10, 2015 at Gallery 7

My show "Heroin: A Love/Hate Relationship" opens April 10, 2015 at Gallery 7 in downtown Joliet and will run until April 27, 2015.

The Joy In Completing a Long-term Photography Project

18 X 24 Print Names:

1. Burned Out Basement
2. Blood Poisoning
3. Two Worlds
4. With a Little Help From My Friends
5. Preparing the Sacrament
6. Drug Mart Open 24/7
7. Had of Doom
8. Salvation
9. Army Strong
10. Feminine Addiction
11. Power Nod
12. Bloody Hole in His leg
13. Three Hail Mary's and a Bag of Junk
14. Punchie
15. Hard Nod
16. Bloody Spike
17. Keep the Faith
18. Meditation
19. Illumination
20. Power Rush

24 X 30 Print Names

1. The Upper Room
2. Eve
3. Hot Shot
4. Fixation
5. Pope
6. There They Gathered
7. Baptismal
8. This Is My Body
9. Boils of Job
10. The Final Cut
11. Fallen Angel
12. My Brothers Keeper
13. Jason
14. Under Don's Tower
15. Mother of Three
16. A Guy Named Bill
17. Putting a Price on Heaven
18. Confessional Chamber
19. Blood Sacrifice
20. Love Mom

Names of My 11 X 14 prints. These images will not shown at Gallery 7, but will be used at the Heroin Summit on April 10, 2015 in Romeoville, Il.

1. Shadow Nod
2. Descension
3. Pulling U
4. Virgin Birth
5. Alley of Death
6. Public Altar
7. He Has Risen
8. Seeking Hope
9. Power Nod
10. Best of Intentions
11. Double Addiction
12. China White
13. River of Blood
14. Track Marks
15. Dumpster Diver
16. Jail, Institutions, and Death
17. Abscess
18. Overdose
19. Injection
20. Hand Hitter

Be sure to check out my show opening April 10th - "Heroin: A Love/Hate Relationship" at Gallery 7 Joliet, IL

60 prints matted, framed, and ready to go... wow... (20 more prints are in the living room).

70 prints-2280

A Few Quick Tips on Photographic Composition

Scanning Black and White Film Negatives – Part Two: Film Holders

In this second video I cover film choices and some options for film holders. Scanning Black and White Film Negatives – Part Two: Film Holders

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