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Setting Metadata and IPTC Field Presets in Lightroom

Hello grit Street Shooters! I'm in the process of getting all my image metadata together for the last Grateful Dead Shows here in Chicago, so I can try and sell images to media outlets. File names, headlines, and captions must meet guidelines. I like to get as much of this completed ahead of time. Being able to set metadata and IPTC field presets in Lightroom, is just awesome!


In this short video I cover some of the basics of creating custom metadata presets in Lightroom.

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Street Photography Tip: People Lost In Thought

During a recent street photography workshop, I had the opportunity to demonstrate just how much a photographer can get away with when people are lost in thought, or occupied with a task.

Street Photography Workshops

A Little Bit About Me, and A BIG Thanks to All of You!

A Little Bit About Me, and A BIG Thanks to All of You!

Video: Best Button and Dial Settings for Street Photography

When we hear the words "camera settings," our first thoughts tend to revolve around things such as shutter speeds, aperture settings, and ISO. While these types of camera settings are indeed essential to photography, there are a whole rage of other settings that have nothing to do with exposure, that are just as important to capturing great images.

In this video (from my Online Street Photography Workshop) I discuss the importance of proper custom button and dial settings for not only street photography, but other styles of photography as well.

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Freestyle Street Shoot

First Photo Assignment for Online Street Photography Workshop

I want to start out with a vary simple, no pressure photo assignment that will give you some sort of starting point to build upon. In this next video, I demonstrate how to start "seeing" potential subjects to photograph while walking down Chicago's famous State Street. You don't have to have any particular project or theme in mind during this assignment, just simply go out and photograph whatever strikes your fancy. Spend several hours directly involved with capturing the essence of human life as it erupts all around you. Continue reading »

Ready to Rock and Roll with the Nikon D700!

I've received several requests from viewers for me to share some of my thoughts on the Nikon D700, and how it compares to the Fuji X100s when it comes to street photography, social documentary photography, and photojournalism. Some photographers have claimed that the Fuji X100s has replaced the DSLR for such types of photography. As you shall see, I don't agree with these claims.

Don't get me started on battery life! You can walk around and shoot all day with a single battery with the D700, whereas the Fuji X100s eats batteries. I went through four batteries with the X100s, while only using one battery in the D700 over the same length of time!

Grit Street Photo Critique – Episode 3

Online Street and Documentary Photography Workshop

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