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The Nikon FA: 1983-1988

Old Film Cameras – The Nikon FA:  1983-1988 Over the years I’ve experimented with many different makes and models of film cameras. I recently acquired a camera that I’ve never shot with before, the Nikon FA. I’ve had several FMs and FEs, but never an FA. Here are some of my thoughts after shooting with […]

Making Homemade Black and White Film Developers

   GSD-10 Chemical Needed for GSD-10

Streaking Issues With Plastic Reels and Stand Development

Streaking Issues With Plastic Reels and Stand Development

Podcast: Kentmere 400 Review and Stand Development Recipe  

I’m always experimenting with different films and developers to see what looks I can create. Last week, I shot 10 rolls of Kentmere 400 Black and White 35mm film, and developed a few rolls in my usual stand development recipe that I use for Tri-X. The results of the first rolls were less than satisfying, […]

Black and White Film Development Method (Text)

Black and White Film Development Method  Chuck Jines  ●  2014  ●  ●  Everything you need to develop B&W film:

Stand Development Notes…

7:45 PM… I’m about to do a stand development for 120 minutes on two rolls of Ilford 3200. One roll was exposed at the films ISO, the other roll was shot at an EI of 6400. I’m putting them in the same tank. Should be interesting to see what comes out. I did not shoot […]