Alley Life

Teddy (Right) and Hercules take shelter in a popular alley in Chicago’s Loop. 

Saying goodbye…

Saying goodbye… I don’t have much time left here in Chicago, so before my last few street photography workshops, I went around and took some photos with several of the folks that I’ve come to know over these past eight years. William can’t hear, but he can read lips like a book. Cartel and I […]

Teddy, Hercules, and Me – Talkers’ Park, Chicago

I’ll sure miss these guys… Hard to believe that I’ve been photographing these guys for almost five years. Somewhere along the way, they became much more than “photographic subjects;” they became my friends.

Teddy Smith, Alive and Well!

It has been some time since I’ve seen ol’ Teddy Smith. We were working on getting his cataracts taken care of about a year ago, but Teddy has been in and out of jail so much during this time that we lost contact with each other. Teddy has been out of jail and back on […]

Alley Boys: Choosing Homelessness

Victor Davis is a man whom I’ve known for several years now. Victor is one of several men who has decided to take up residency in one of the alleys in Chicago’s Loop area. Like many homeless people, Victor has access to a place indoors where he could stay, but has decided to live a […]

A Beautiful Mind: The Tyner White B-Cart

What a pleasure it was running into Tyner at Talkers’ Park yesterday. At 72 years old, Tyner’s creative mind is as sharp as a tack. Tyner makes all kinds of things out of items people throw away. The last time Tyner purchased ANY type of food, was in 1989, when he bought a small jar […]

Family Gathering – AlleyBoys – Chicago

Alley Boys: Getting It Together – Frustration

After running into roadblocks the previous day, Teddy and I headed back to St. Peter’s first thing the following morning. We arrived right at 9:00 am. Several other people were already waiting in line, some to pick up their mail, others to see if they could receive a voucher in order to get a state […]