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On Saturday, August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, MO, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, MO police officer, Darren Wilson. On that

Stop Killing Our Kids

Stop Killing Our Kids

tragic Saturday afternoon, reports began to come in that a young unarmed black man had been shot to death by a white police officer, while innocently walking from a convenience store to his grandmother's apartment.

The headlines read - "Michael Brown shooting: 'They killed another young black man in America.'" The implication here was that,"They," - meaning white people - killed another black person for no other reason other than race. The Washington Post reported Brown’s uncle, Charles Ewing, as having described Mike Brown as a "gentle giant," which was then used by multiple corporate media outlets to describe 18 year-old, Michael Brown. To the corporate media, Michael Brown had now become the latest symbol of racial injustice.

This "racially motivated" narrative began within moments after the shooting, before any details had been confirmed. Unfortunately, this narrative still thrives today, as the following statement by Ferguson resident, Rico Like, speaking to Amy Goodwin of Democracy Now!, on August 21, 2014 attests:

"He fell on his knees, like, don't shoot. He [Wilson] shot him anyway, in the eye, then in the head."

From the onset, there has been a frenzied whirlwind of conflicting, and often times false, information circulating across social networks and corporate media outlets, concerning the death of Mike Brown. People from both sides continually pick the snippets of information that they need to validate their preconceived notions, and thus claim to "know" what happened.

But, when one takes the time to decipher the statements made by alleged witnesses, along with the few facts that have been made available, it becomes crystal clear that, in truth, little is actually known.

Still, many people firmly believe that Mike Brown was shot execution style, for absolutely no reason. This narrative purportedly rests upon the public statements made by five key witnesses:

1. Tiffany Mitchell
2. Piaget Crenshaw
3. Dorian Johnson
4. James McKnight
5. Michael Brady

The following is an essential review of what these people have actually said, and how that stacks-up with what little physical evidence we have access to.

In my reconstruction of events, I use ONLY original material; direct public statements and quotes, in an organized manner, to hopefully give a clear view of what each eyewitness has said concerning three critical junctures during the events of that day. What I have attempted to do, is extract the essential relevant content out of a morass of information, and place that information into these three junctures:

A. The first moments
B. The first shot
C. The final moments

Regardless of the reasons as to why Wilson shot Brown, we still have a SERIOUS problem within our police forces across America. The cops are truly out of hand at every level, in small rural towns, and in every major city. If you are poor and have an encounter with the police, there is a good chance that you will be violated, and that your civil liberties will be forfeited. If you are black and poor, the abuse is even worse. Now that we live in the age of the camera and social media, the Gentry world is getting its first look into how life is for the majority of people. Read More→

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According to libertarian political pundit and editor in chief of, Nick Gillespie, the recent death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has triggered, what he characterizes as "[a] massive outpouring of patently false and exaggerated stories about the increase in heroin use." Gillespie then continues by citing sources which show that there has indeed been a dramatic increase in Heroin use over the past decade. I've had to pinch myself repeatedly just to make sure that I've actually been reading what I've been reading.  Here's my best attempt at untangling Nick Gillespie's twisted sense of  libertarian logic: Read More→

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On the legalization of Heroin and Other Hard Drugs

Chicago is currently suffering through a horrific Heroin crisis. For the past six months I've been working on a documentary photo project which focuses on Heroin addiction. During this time, I have come to know several Heroin addicts on a deep and personal level. We have built relationships, and are working together to tell their stories in a forthcoming book. These photos on my blog are but a small glimpse into the dark and dirty world of Heroin addiction. Read More→


Art and the Fall of Man

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I took a few captures while at the Art Institute today in order to help illustrate the importance of philosophy. These first two captures are closeups of an Oil on Panel by Pieter Claesz from 1625. The detail and realistic style are incredible. I want to eat the bread! This was created prior to Subjectivism and Relativism taking hold of Western culture. Read More→


Was Lincoln A Socialist?

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“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” -Abraham Lincoln, State of the Union Address: December 3, 1861

These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.
—Abraham Lincoln, from his first speech as an Illinois state legislator, 1837

Everyone now is more or less a Socialist.
—Charles Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune, and Lincoln’s assistant secretary of war, 1848

Read More→

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Could Our Founding Fathers Pass A Christian Religious Test?

Is it is true that our founders were Christians who constructed our system of government based upon the Bible? Have you ever wondered why jebusfoundsamericaChristian Nationalists are continually publishing and circulating fake quote and documents purported to be from a founding father? Read More→

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Popular Mistakenly Conservative Tea Party Heroes

"Conservatism is an ideology of reaction - originally against the French Revolution, more recently against the liberation movements of the sixties and seventies." -Corey Robin, The Reactionary Mind, p.42

Contrary to popular mythology, "conservatism" is NOT a political philosophy per say."Conservatism" is a counter-revolution in response to any liberation movements that may arise (e.g., the conservative resistance to both the abolitionist, and women's suffrage movements, for example). “Conservatism” is NOT a political philosophy nor a political party Read More→

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One of the benefits of political and social crisis is the rise in the interest in history within the general population. During ordinary, less disturbed periods of history, far less attention is focused on the political events that occur outside one's local social field of vision. Read More→

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