Bisti Badlands, New Mexico

Hidden away in the high desert of the San Juan Basin, the Bisti Badlands of New Mexico offers some 4,000 acres of scenic rock formations. I spent the day there this past Monday, and I surely recommend this awesome area to any landscape photographer. Here are a few black and white captures that I took. More photos at New Mexico Photography.

Bisti Wilderness Area, New Mexico Bisti Badlands

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  • Maxim Muir

    I love shooting stuff like this. I need to pay a visit or two to the Bisti Badlands before I croak 🙂 The panhandle of Nebraska offers something of a similar vein, Toadstool Park :
    Chuck should end up with some nice images to sell to the passing tourists! 🙂

  • Street_Stranger

    Beautiful place, wow! I thoroughly enjoyed it, visually mesmerizing.
    You look like you had a blast.

    Really love your work, thanks allot for sharing this. My back is seriously fucked at the moment, vertebrae damage and I’m not really doing good. I’ve been feeling really depressed and thinking allot about life. You’ve been a real life saver. I’m living vicariously through your work lately, you don’t know how much that means to me. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful trip your giving me. These documentaries are really amazing! It’s always a great treat to see a new video. Such a beautiful landscape, I hope to visit New Mexico and New Orleans (Once my back is fixed, one day). I’m hopeful, but know it will require some surgery and recovery time. Life is short, but I’m definitely not dying until I get to see that place. I’m hopeful, as it’s not my first rodeo 🙂
    Keep doing awesome with your camera!
    Take care and have fun! ✊🏻✌🏻

  • edd

    Now that Sir, that is a mighty impressive image.
    Landscape photography leaves me totally cold for the most part.
    (I need humans)

    There´s a young English photographer on YouTube called Thomas Heaton, he has tones of enthusiasm for this genre but his images cause arguments between me and my children…I groan out loud when I see his “capture” but my kids shout that the image would be nice wallpaper….my point is here is that for an image to be stand out impressive there has to be a certain connect with the viewer……that connect I see immediately with your image here and sadly almost not at all with the young lad.

    I really think you are on to something here Chuck with your video series exploring the forgotten places and uninhabited wilderness of New Mexico. I really enjoy seeing something of the dead and dying little towns and communities around you, how they boomed and then ultimately went bust.The life of New Mexico off the interstate looks fascinating to me.The ebb and flow of humanity.

    Great stuff man, very looking forward to seeing more photography from you uncovering these sleepy forgotten lonely places.